Frequently Asked Questions - Air

Billing & Payment

What payment options are available?

For cash payments, please pay the full amount in cash upon delivery of your goods to our trusted delivery partners. For credit customers, payment can be made in the form of Internet Bank Transfer or cheque.

How do I update my billing information?

Please call our team at +603-33437799

How can I request a copy of my original or adjusted Metroport invoice?

All of our invoices are sent to our customers electronically via email. To request a hard copy of your invoice, please email/call us to arrange it to be mailed to you.

How do I request for an adjustment to my invoice?

To request for an adjustment to your bill, please email our billing team at or call customer service.

How is my invoice calculated?

For shipments using air, your invoice is calculated according to the actual weight (in kg) or the volumetric weight of your parcels, whichever is greater, including any airport charges and tax. Volumetric weight is calculated as [Length(cm) x Height(cm)] / 6000


How does Metroport Air work?

How do I book an order?

How do I set up a corporate account with Metroport Air?

Collection & Delivery

Rates & Transit Times

Where do I find rates to send a shipment?

Upon setting up your corporate account with us, we will send you via email our complete table of rates. Alternatively, you may call customer service to enquire.

Are there any rate discounts available for high volume shipments?

Yes, we offer rate discounts for high volume shippers, calculated on a monthly average. Please get in touch with customer service to enquire further.

What are your rates like?

Our rates depend on the type of service you require, ranging from standard, express, heavy, and international delivery.

What are your transit times?

Shipping with Metroport Air is quick and reliable. Our transit times are as follows: - Standard delivery: 2-3 days - Express delivery: 1-2 days - Heavy cargo delivery: 2-3 days The transit times above are for deliveries within town/city area. Outskirt or hard to reach areas will incur an additional 1-2 days for deliveries.

Insurance & Claims